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About Hoohobbers

It all started at the dining room table...

Founders, Bill and Judy Sommerschield, had to sit their three children on phone books so that they were high enough to eat at the table. Bill, at the time an advertising executive, decided that an attractive, portable booster seat was the answer.

In 1981, the Junior Director Chair was born! At the time the company was called TYKE and the chair was originally called the Tyke-Hike Chair. The chair was a portable booster seat but turned out to be much more… a favorite play accessory indoors and out. This prompted the tagline, “My very own chair I can take anywhere”.

The Tyke-Hike Chair was a huge hit for parents and children alike. Popular stores across the country, such as Crate & Barrel, Macy’s and Marshall Field’s, sold the chair faster than they could keep it in stock.

Many products followed and the company eventually changed its name to Hoohobbers.

Judy began to design infant bedding items such as crib bedding, room accessories and Moses baskets. The Moses basket was inspired by her children’s basket. She loved the idea of a place for the baby to rest close by its caregiver. The Hoohobbers’ Moses basket soon became a staple in the line.

Hoohobbers remains a privately held, family-run business. The Sommerschield children once used as print models for the products are now an integral part of the business.

What’s cool now for the Hoohobbers’ staff is that a 2nd and 3rd generation are enjoying the same, well-made products. Customers continually mention they are buying the same chair they had when they were young. Some bought it as parents for their children and now for their grandchildren! We trust future generations will continue to love our products just as much.

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