About J. Charles Crystal Works

J.Charles was formed in 1994 as a company that would focus on designer glass and crystal for the gift and recognition industry. I named the company for my father (pictured above) who taught me things like the art of glass engraving as well as the art of keeping it simple.

That’s because he, himself, was a beautifully simple guy. He had no time – in business or life – for making things complicated. Though it has been 10 years since his passing, his passion for simplicity and worshipping the customer lives on at J.Charles.

Though referred to as the “Bossman” by those at J.Charles, he was hardly what you would call a bossy kind of guy. Actually, he was pretty cool. Even when I was a kid I thought he was cool, as he was the only parent I knew who liked the Beatles!

Thanks to the Bossman, we presently own and occupy a very modern 50,000 square ft. facility in northern Kentucky, just across the river from Cincinnati. When I arrive at work every morning, I see a beautiful building that rests on a foundation built of my father’s sweat equity.

Now in our third generation, my two sons, Chuck and Jeff, are grabbing the reins as I ease my way to part-time. It makes me proud to know that the Bossman’s philosophies are in their DNA. It tells me I can step away and the customer will always come before the bottom line.

Of course, our success over the years would not be possible without what I am sure are our two greatest assets: awesome employees and awesome customers!

J.Charles currently employs 50 of the planet’s greatest human beings. Their professionalism and enthusiasm for our mission is more than commendable. They laugh at all of my jokes – no matter how many times I’ve repeated them – and they’re the reason I can’t wait to get to work every morning.

Equally important – our customers! Without your patronage, everything would cease. We are forever grateful to you for our paychecks, our company cookouts (especially the beer), our health insurance, etc., etc. Thank you for all that you do for J.Charles, for the confidence you place in us, and most of all, thank you for your friendship. It is our belief that taking care of you is what makes good things happen – just another one of those beautifully simple things we learned from the “Bossman.”

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